Gap and Decay

Today, we hiked the seven miles through the Gap of Dunloe. About halfway through the hike, we stopped outside this abandoned cottage for lunch.

Picture of the Day: 68/365

4 Responses to “Gap and Decay”

  1. Leon Godwin says:

    I dunno, looks like it could be in NC, near my house. Seriously, sweet shot.

  2. cameron says:

    I think “Gay Irish Mardi Gras” would be a more appropriate title. Although that is decadent…

    Hey, you asked for comments ;-)

  3. Anika says:

    love the colors and the framing. is a very striking photo. did you photoshop at all?

  4. Jarrard says:

    I made some curves adjustments in Aperture to increase contrast and bumped the saturation a tiny, tiny bit.

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